Select image to view: Waist Belt suitable for LK35 Waist Belt suitable for LK35 Waist Belt suitable for LK35 Waist Belt suitable for LK35 Waist Belt suitable for LK35 Waist Belt suitable for LK35 Waist Belt suitable for LK35 Waist Belt suitable for LK35 Waist Belt suitable for LK35

Waist Belt suitable for LK35

£15.00inc. VAT
  • Padded Waist Belt
  • made specifically for framed rucksacks 
  • New
  • Molle loops
  • rear double pad 
  • securing strap
  • heavy duty QR buckles
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The LK35 Belt review, a great video from one of MM's favourites, shows you exactily how to install the belt.

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Trogman - 24/04/2018
awsome piece of kit.

I called in at Military mart a few weeks ago to get a LK35. The pack was in near mint condition but I forgot to get one of these so I ordered one a couple of weeks later. Dead easy to fit and makes a world of difference to the stability of the LK35 and does transfer a lot of weight from your shoulders to your hips. This enables you to carry the pack without undue strain on your shoulders and alleviates the need for a sternum strap. Also has some additional Molle straps for small pouches or knife.

Frenchy - 23/02/2018
Lk35 rucksack

Brilliant bit of kit, couldn’t ask for better service. Thanks again military mart your the place to shop ??

Joebow - 18/02/2018
Improved Lk35

Having had a viper elite blast belt on my Lk35 before i was not happy in the way it sat , endless amounts of time trying to get it right, then i saw this belt on a facebook post by military mart and took a look , my first impressions was how better suited it would be for my own pack so i purchased one.
On it's arrival i was a bit confused how to put it on for there are no instructions to do so, so i emailed them and a response was forthwith .
This is how i did it .
Firstly remove the strap by taking of the clasp then push the D rings through the fixings that the shoulder straps are fastened to at the bottom once you have done this put the strap back through the D rings and put the clasp back on and tighten . The belt should pivot and point slightly downwards , this will ensure the weight of the pack is on you hips. I am now completely satisfied with my Lk35 i have also sewn two 58pattern kidney pouches on it . I will not be changing the shoulder straps now because the belt does such a good job in taking the weight there is no need to. I have fixed a usgi water bottle and mug to the molle provided on the is now the dogs and chuffed to bits with this belt.. thank you chaps exellent work.

Bushcraft Boy - 13/02/2018
Perfect for my lk35

This belt was designed to fit the lk35 and it really transforms the pack.
Double layered padding at the back of the belt makes a huge difference. It also has reinforced stitching on the seams and molle attachment points on both sides to increase the flexibility of the pack. It fits together using a simple quick release buckle.
Fitting the belt to the pack is simple enough but it should perhaps come with instructions to help.
Just remove the clip and adjustment holder on one side. Slide the straps behind the pack frame and pass the straps through the 'D' rings on the belt. Refit the plastic clips and tighten the strap. Job done.

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